11 June 2012

New Life.

I feel that I am really blessed, because I manage to rent a comfortable room near my workplace just a week after I started working. It only takes me 20 minutes to get to work, which really makes my life easier. Sure $650 is not cheap, but it comes with air-con and included everything from electricity to internet connection. And the room is spacious and well maintained by the landlord. Considering all aspects especially the location, I think it's a really great room.

But without any friends here, my life besides working is really lonely. Sometimes I didn't have to make a voice for whole morning or whole evening because there is not even work related stuff to talk about for a newbie like me. Sitting in front of computer as soon as I got home like the old days really makes me miss my Melbourne life with friends. I wish I have some friends to share a house together, making the place I call home in this strange place feel warmer and livelier...

That said, it's not miserable at all. Just a little lonely. I am glad and much appreciate to have this opportunity to begin a new life with a job exactly I was hoping for. More importantly being paid in SGD. Even happier to have a lovely girlfriend who webcam with me at night to cure my loneliness.

Love Life : )  

New Work.

Very fortunately, I got the Design Engineer job in Panasonic AVC Singapore. And hence started my new life in Singapore. Job wise, I appreciate it a lot. Even though everyone said Panasonic is not the best company to work with. Be it because of their long working hours or their shrinking market values. But after working for a week, it does seem like the kind of work that I would enjoy. To be honest, not that I mind working overtime because I will just be sitting on my desk for my work anyway..

As design engineer, our job is to draw the structures of electronics appliances. Sure it still involves many paperworks, but definitely gave me better impression than my previous job. I have some good colleagues too in the office. But the downside being all are seniors. Guess that the situation for a shrinking company - less new blood. Not a big deal in work, but it makes me harder to get to know new friends here in Singapore as working is my only window to the society.

11 May 2012

I Quitted My First Job After Two Days

So I went Unisteel to start my first job in my life. But after two days, I regretted and decided to quit the job. Yes, it is impulsive and immature. I always believed that I will be more fond to raw material process than product assembly because assembly seem very monotonous and processing is more technical.

But after two days in Unisteel, I realised that I am wrong. I don't understand myself enough. For someone who has been living in a greenhouse, process environment is too hard to getting used to. Call me racist, furthermore being a lone Chinese in the whole department made me felt worst. I compared the job with the experience as intern in Flextronics which do product assembly, I decided to pursue the route of assembly field.

I don't know if my act was rational thinking, or I am too picky and refuse to face the hardship as an adult regardless what job I get. But I gave myself a chance. I have regretful moments in life because afraid to act and I hope this is not another time.

Luckily right after I resigned from my Unisteel, my brother's friend brought good news from Panasonic that the mechanical manager has approved me and submitted to HR. I guess I still need to get approval from Singapore's Minister of Manpower because the Panasonic still yet to give me a call. But it's a step forward. On the other hand, surprisingly Sony Singapore also called me 5 weeks after my resume submission. It's a manufacturing job, but it has me excited enough to work in Singapore and more importantly working for Sony being a fan of the brand. Besides that, I still have another interview appointment in Dyson Malaysia which is well know to be a good company.

Afterall I am really a fortunate person to have these opportunity. And again, hopefully Panasonic will call me soon.

05 May 2012

Start Working On Monday

Today is another bad day. The feeling of given hope and taken away.

When I got job offer from Unisteel, I accepted with open heart. Although it's a Process Engineer post, not exactly what I'm hoping for... At least making mini sized metal parts sound interesting I guess. And the pay is not bad at all for fresh graduate.

But then I was given hope to interview at Panasonic Singapore as Design Engineer, which to be honest my dream job. It's not about the salary, but mechanical design is really much more interesting for me. I'm all hyped for this job. My excitement multiplies when my brother's friend who introduced me to this vacancy told me that the design department's manager who interviewed me said that I will most probably being hired.

But now after 7 working days, I still not receiving any news from Panasonic. And Unisteel work will be starting on Monday. I don't know if I still have chance for Panasonic. Base on my previous interviews, if I have not received reply within a week usually means I was rejected. Who knows if the manager was being honest that he really gonna hire me, or he just feeling impolite to blatantly tell that I was rejected?

It doesn't means Unisteel job is not good. I just really hate the feeling of gaining hope but then losing it again... Anyway, I will be start working as Trainee at Unisteel. At the same time, I hope that Panasonic just having some delay and will contact me next week to offer me the job.

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